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Thank you for your interest in working together. Please take a moment to review the various ways I can serve you and then reach out to connect. 

You Should Know

Susan Baller-Shepard meets her clients and readers at an intersection of a question asked, knowing that her work helps make connections for people or unravel long-formed ‘facts’ they hold true. She writes, speaks, and teaches about religion, spirituality, and deeply rooted stories of transformation (historical fiction). Not for the sake of conversion, but in order to have open and educated conversation about what matters to people while uncovering the drivers behind their core beliefs.


Whether you’d like Susan to write for your publication or preach, speak, or teach at your gathering, she would love to chat about your needs. 

Writing & Contributions

Susan has written for a wide variety of publications and enjoys the challenge of putting words and ideas together.

Clergy Services

Wedding Officiant or End of Life Services: Ordained since 1991, Susan’s glad to offer her experience in helping you plan your wedding, or to honor a loved one in their funeral or Celebration of Life.

Speaker & Teacher

Susan has been a keynote speaker at a number of events, along with being a college teacher and church leader. You can review potential topics below and peruse her past work in the press here.


Grateful for opportunities to preach in settings as varied as new church developments, radio program, churches in Brazil. Here are some preaching samples if you’d like for her to preach at your gathering or church: “Now I Know” and "The Big Think"


Working With Susan

" Susan Baller-Shepard has been my close friend, sounding board, editor, and spiritual guide for decades. Even when we met way back when, I was struck by her compassion, creativity, sense of humor and sharp intellect. When most of us were stymied by adolescent self-consciousness, she operated on a higher level. She fearlessly advocated for those on the margins and dared to speak the truth about love, relationships and the human need to make sense of the world.

Susan remains that same extraordinary person, just with more depth, wisdom and polish. Her words – on the page or in person – soothe me, awaken me, and make me laugh out loud. If you are lucky enough to encounter her, you won’t let go."
—Nancy E. Anderson
Writer, Corporate Communications Consultant, Swim Coach
"Susan Baller-Shepard brings and indispensable depth, faith and insight to her writing. She expresses real life, lived deeply, and meaning often found in unexpected places and ways."
—The Rev. Mark Ramsey
Executive Director of The Ministry Collaborative and Publisher of Journal for Preachers
Looking for a Speaker?

Topics I Can Speak To

  • “Shining from Shook Foil”: Writing About Nature & God’s Grandeur
  •  God & Metaphors from Nature
  •  Charting the Narrative of Our Spiritual Lives
  • Finding Words: Poetry & Prayer & Go
  •  Poetry in the Bible: How It Guides Us Today
  • Poetry & Theology: Serendipitous Sisters
  • “I Don’t Know Anything”-Where to Start in the Study of World Religions
  • Abrahamic Traditions & What Can Learn From Them
  • Cafeteria Spiritual Life: Why This Works, Why It Doesn’t, & Finding a Spiritual Path Through It All
  • Literature of the Bible or The Bible as Literature
  • Best Lessons Learned from Comparative Religions
  • Light for the Path: Poetry for Every Day
  • Telling the Story of Our Health & Wellbeing
  • Expressive Writing Techniques for Health and Wellness
  • Poetic Forms: How Writing Poetry Can Make You Say Things You Didn’t Think You Were Going to Say
  •  What Your Gut Knows: Finding and Following Your Calling
  •  “We’ve Never Hire a Woman”: Lessons in Leadership
  • Sussing Out the Spiritual Life of Characters & Darshan
  • Poetry as Sacred Language
  • “I Don’t Like Poetry”: Finding Poems & Poets You’ll Love
  • Writing Out the Pain: Psalms & Poetry Prompts to Help Heal a Broken Heart
  • Throwing a Grappling Hook into Histories: What Catches?
  •   “Don’t Be Boring”: How to Edit a Sermon
  • Tired of the Same Ole, Same Ole: Bringing Biblical Stories Back to Life 
  • Open Eyed: Searching Sights Like a Poet
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