Jody Hobbs Hesler's New Book "What Makes You Think You're Supposed to Feel Better" from Cornerstone Press

"What Makes You Think You're Supposed to Feel Better," a story collection, from Cornerstone Press, October 15, 2023.
Author Jody Hobbs Hesler
Author Jody Hobbs Hesler
Collection of Stories by Jody Hobbs Hesler

You can hear Jody Hobbs Hesler read from her work in this video:

Hey Readers & Writers & Curiosity Seekers,

Couldn’t be more excited to tell you about Jody Hobbs Hesler’s new book, a collection of stories entitled, “What Makes You Think You’re Supposed to Feel Better.” 

Jody is a writer’s writer, her stories carefully crafted with suspense, drama, and humor. There are times when I was reading this book where I paused and asked, “How did she do that?” Maybe it was because of the careful crafting of a sentence, or perhaps it was how a character moved and shifted in pages, or how the trajectory of a story went in a direction I didn’t expect. Jody’s characters are ones you’ll remember, who will live within you as you think about their decisions. These characters have agency, and how they choose to forge their futures is fascinating. You can tell the depth and breath of Jody Hobbs Hesler’s intelligence as each story has unique settings and is peopled with new voices.  

Jody is an ArmadillHer. There are 4 of us, the other 2 authors you can’t miss are Teresa Burns Gunther and Charmaine Wilkerson.

 I’m eager to hear how much you enjoy the work by these ArmadillHers, I know you will, and as someone who facilitated a book club for over 20 years, their books make great book club material. Jody’s book, “What Makes You Think You’re Supposed to Feel Better,” will leave you wanting to discuss it with others, wanting to process the events of the stories.  Can you tell I’m enthusiastic? I am. You will be too.


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