Dale Brown, Interview #32

Name: Dale Brown
Where you live: Bristol, TN
What you do as a vocation or avocation?Direct the Buechner Institute, teach American literature, and play racquetball
Your two favorite books:
The Power and the Glory
by Graham Greene
King Lear by William Shakespeare
Your two favorite cd’s:
“Wailing Jennys”
“The Time Jumpers”
Why you are interested in spirituality?
Because I can imagine more than I can see.
Your favorite quote:
“What’s lost is nothing to what’s found, and all the death that ever was, set next to life, would scarcely fill a cup.” –Frederick Buechner
Your favorite web sites:Read the Spirit http://www.readthespirit.org/
Your hero?
Frederick Buechner
A spiritual lesson you hope to learn?
A place in the world where you feel spiritually “connected?”Most any river
See Dale’s 3 books:
Of Fiction and Faith
The Book of Buechner: A Journey Through His Writings
and Conversations with American Writers


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