Chris Stemp, Interview #163

Name: Chris Stemp

Where you live: Arlington, Virginia

What you do as a vocation or avocation?
I try to stay away from defining people by what they do rather than who they actually are.  However, everyone has to pay the bills and for that purpose I am employed by LivingSocial.  A year ago I co-founded Smart People Podcast with a childhood friend of mine and it has grown into an amazing company, ranked as high as #26 on iTunes.  I also recently joined a start-up non-profit, the United States Healthful Food Council as the Director of Social Media.  

Your two favorite books:
Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan.

Your two favorite songs:
Up and Down by The Donnies The Amys
Wonderwall by Oasis

Why you are interested in spirituality?
Spirituality can take on many forms and interpretations, which is fascinating.  My interpretation is that we are all here together, all part of a larger whole.  We are tied to this Earth and each other and the quicker we realize it the better we will be. 

Your favorite quote:
“I will lose my youth, my health, my loved ones, everything I hold dear and, finally, life itself by the very nature of being human.”  – The “Five Remembrances” that Buddhist monks chant each day

Your favorite web sites:

Your hero?
My brother

A spiritual lesson you hope to learn?
How to completely appreciate others

A place in the world where you feel spiritually “connected?”

The forest

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