Book Trailers & Poetry & the Spoken Word

I love the spoken word in countless contexts.

I love audiobooks, I love when people read their work, I love to hear good sermons. I was very grateful when a group of college students made a book trailer for Doe when it came out. I’d told them book trailers were a media form still lacking. They gave me this trailer in response, for which I thank every face in that video. That’s the main reason for this post, it’s a space-holder thank you to them, to Garrison Keillor, to John Lithgow, and more. It was a friend who emailed me to let me know he’d heard Garrison Keillor reading one of my poems on The Writer’s Almanac. I’d listened to Garrison Keillor read poetry for years, for me it was a moment of grace. I’ve always felt writing, for me, is a conversation. When I hear my words spoken by another, it feels as if the conversation is ongoing. One of my favorite audio collections of poetry is “The Poets’ Corner: The One-and-Only Poetry Book for the Whole Family” by John Lithgow, and you can see more of his work at his site . That audiobook is tremendous. All this to give a shout out to the booksellers who make room for writers to read their works, and if I say that, I must mention Prairie Lights in Iowa City, because you have to make it a point to go there. You just do. How about you? What spoken words have moved you? What reading should be watched online? Leave in comments below, or on Twitter @yoursbc or Instagram @susan_baller_shepard

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